At the Account Planning Group of Canada, we’re overjoyed to see how quickly the planning and strategy community has grown and flourished in this market. It’s a community filled with real vibrancy and a definite attitude.
It’s a community that has grown because of planners like you.

Planners keen to share their ideas and opinions.
Planners keen to network with other planners and strategists from across Canada.
Planners that want to learn from some of the best thinkers we have working in Canadian planning today. Or who want to teach the next generation of up and coming planners and strategists.

It’s a community that will only continue to thrive if we foster this planning camaraderie from coast to coast.
That’s why we’re offering planners and strategists from all sectors of marketing and communications the opportunity to become fully-fledged members of the fastest growing marketing community in Canada, the Account Planning Group of Canada.

Join Us

So what do members get?

  • Being part of a growing community of over 150 planners and strategists across Canada
  • 1st access to all APG Canada events before they go on sale to the general public – it’s like “Front of the Line” without needing an Amex
  • Special discounted “Member” pricing on APG Canada events – who doesn’t like saving the CFO a few dollars?
  • The inside scoop on exclusive “Members Only” events – bragging rights and exclusive hashtags too
  • Preferred pricing for all APG Canada workshops and training courses – we’re working on these but you’ll have early access to these too
  • The opportunity to mold and influence the future direction of this community
  • 12 months uninterrupted Member access

* Please note, APG Canada events are currently hosted in Toronto, ON only. We are working with our chapters to bring our events to Montreal, QC and Vancouver, BC.

Brilliant hey? Click here to join for the fastest growing marketing community in Canada.

So what’s it cost?
Professional Memberships are available to planners of all shapes and sizes that are already in the industry.
And we have a special Student Membership price too. We all remember being a student right?
We’re not offering Group or Corporate rates (yet) because we think that all our Members are as committed to growing this community as we are. Regardless of where they work.

Professional Memberships are $75 for 12 months.
That’s 365 days (366 in a leap year) before we’ll ask for your credit card again.
Student Memberships are $45 for 12 months.
Sadly we don’t offer discounts for any days you’re too hungover to attend.

That’s a steal, right?
So what’s stopping you? I Want to Join.