You guys can’t miss this upcoming event. On the heels of his two-day immersive training session, Jon Leach is giving us an opportunity to learn why we think what we think.

Planners and strategists need to bring insight to how and why people think the way they do. It’s a key craft skill in how they “make people want to buy”.

But a good planner should also have multiple perspectives on “why we think what we think” so they can bring fresh insight and creativity to each problem they face. Perhaps all planners should be on a never ending quest for wisdom about these fascinating things called humans.

In this session aimed at up and coming Planners award-winning UK Planning Director Jon Leach of Chime Communications will share not only his tool box of “why people think what they think” but also show a methodology of how you can create your own tools and frameworks.

It’s October 19th, 6PM @ BBDO Toronto.

Learn more and get tickets here…

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