Publicis Toronto is hiring a Strategic Planner.

· 5 years experience in advertising / marketing communications

· Collaborating with and supporting the larger Publicis strategic planning team

· Responsibilities include research, insight generation, brand planning and client presentations

· Ideal for someone deeply curious, with a broad range of interests

Our team is growing with our agency. We need an intermediate-level strategist – someone with five years’ experience in advertising, marketing, or communications. You’ve either worked as a Planner/Strategist or in another role in which you’ve clearly been responsible for the development of insights, brand strategies, and briefing. If you like this industry, a lot, and you feel like you’re on the cusp of something, we may be the place for you.

First, the job. Strategic Planners, at Publicis, are responsible for driving the insights that drive great work. This position stretches across the entire Planning group. You’ll work with our team on a number of different brands (and even some new business). This means supporting the Planning group as we make sure that the Creative and Account teams are inspired by insights and thought leadership, and also making sure that our Clients are supported with whatever they need to help create and deliver great brand strategies. You’ll work closely with multi-functional teams in the agency; you’ll research and write, you’ll speak and present. You will be working on everything from mass to digital; from results tracking to competitive reviews; from insight generation to brand planning. The job is about providing as much strategic firepower as possible to the entire team so that the work is as good as possible.

Next – but more importantly – you.

We want someone who is really passionate about the industry and feels like their next move brings with it huge possibilities. This job is a significant opportunity for the right person: someone who has done some good stuff already but knows that there is a lot more that they can do, and wants to contribute as much as possible to a team, and an agency, that would be thrilled to be the place where they really hit their stride. We want someone who is looking forward to collaborating with and supporting a whole team of Planners – because you not only have a lot to give, but you also have a lot to learn.

We want someone who is curious about popular culture, media, consumer culture, human motivations and – of course – advertising and communications. You will probably have a significant outside interest – or even several of them – because if you’re interested in something, you like to delve deep. You don’t need to be a proficient coder, say, but you do need to have a real interest in digital culture and an aptitude for learning how the world is being changed by technology (and how to change it). You like to listen and learn, but you like to communicate and contribute, too. And when someone asks you what they last great or terrible piece of work you saw was, you have an answer. Or maybe lots of answers.

Lastly: fast forward to a few years in the future.

We’re all still working together, but you have a different title. You’ve grown into a new position, and the people on your team are (almost) as thrilled about it as you are. You’ve helped make some great work; maybe you’ve presented at a couple of conferences; you’ve helped us land a great piece of new business. You’re spending more time alone with clients, and there’s at least one brand that you’re the clear lead on. There are some changes there, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: you still know that with all the great work you’ve done, your best stuff is right around the corner.

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