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Publicis Toronto is hiring a Strategic Planner, Analytics and Information Arts.

· 3+ years experience in a related role (not exclusively advertising / marketing communications)

· Collaborating with the broader team to enhance storytelling and communication of insights, findings and ideas

· Adept at research, writing, and presentation design is a must

· Interest in and experience with data and analytics is an asset

This is a new position for the agency: a Strategic Planner who is particularly adept helping the rest of the team craft the stories that we need to tell,and to make the arguments that we need to make. We are looking for someone with three plus years’ experience – but these are necessarily as a strategist or planner in advertising, per se. It could be – or could be in something entirely different that nonetheless provides the right experience for the role.

This position is also for a team member who can provide support to the rest of the Planning group. Interest in the industry is a must, of course; a passion for the craft of communications is essential. And, as much as anything, someone who knows what it means to uncover a real insight and help deliver that is critical.

But for this position, we’re looking for someone who is going to be especially focused on how we tell our stories, how we make our arguments – in terms of both input and output.

We’re looking for someone who is adept at research and at writing – that’s essentially the cost of entry for any position as a Strategist. Part of this job is like being a detective, really: we want someone who is particularly savvy in scraping the internet for real-time information; someone who uses (or can learn to use) social analytics tools to provide us with data that we need to generate insights – and who isn’t afraid to take a crack at generating some insights themselves. Someone who will take a crack at a Google survey if the answers aren’t available anywhere else. And, of course, that means someone who can collaborate with the entire team to make sure that we’re uncovering the essential truths that lead to great work – and presenting those truths in the best way possible.

To that end, we’re looking for someone who also wants to transform how we present what we have to say. How we show our insights; how we make our arguments. Someone who is proficient in Keynote or Prezi or PowerPoint – maybe just the first, but maybe all three. Or maybe you need a little more training to be great at it, and we can help you get there. But if you’re interested in how data gets visualized, and you’ve already started to tell your own stories in a compelling, thoughtful, robust and visual way, then this may be a job where you can thrive. There will be a huge opportunity to learn here: not only from your immediate team, but from other agency resources (we’re part of a huge network, but even in Toronto we’re a large team with strong digital and social practice.) It’s the era of Big Data: we’re looking for a team member who wants to get deeply into that all that information…and then make it sing for us.

So a typical work week might involve taking a written document and turning it into a cinematic Keynote presentation, in which you’ve not only sourced visual and created animation that helps present the information, but worked with a more senior planner on getting some of your own ideas into there, too. Then you might help us prove an unprovable point with a particularly great piece of research that involved, say, comparing results via social analytics with results from a more traditional research source. Lastly, you might round out your work week by writing a deck entirely of your own about an interesting trend that you think our clients should know about. And, if you want, you may even present it.

What else? You’re probably extremely comfortable with digital everything, and have a history of being a self-starter at digital problem solving (and that could mean anything from teaching yourself a piece of software or being an early adopter of a social network and schooling everyone else at it). We’d expect that you have a huge interest in culture, whether mass or niche. And if your experience as a communicator or as a researcher is something that is outside of the typical fines of the industry, that’s fine, too. This is a new-ish discipline in Strategic Planning and we expect that you’ll help to evolve it along the way.

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