Get deeper cultural insight into Consumers and Brands at Semiofest: The world’s only conference on Marketing Semiotics, this July at the Gladstone Hotel.

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For communications agency professionals, Semiofest is an exceptional opportunity to learn about Marketing Semiotics, which offers unique ways of assessing brand communications and dynamic solutions to issues that nearly all brands face.  Many communication flubs can be avoided by recognizing that culture plays a truly significant role in how consumers interpret brand messages. Semiotics can help.  Semiotics, the study of cultural symbolism,  explores  how meaning is conveyed through all aspects of communication including  language, images, sounds, scents, textures, and behaviours. As a research method, semiotics unlocks deeper understandings of the consumer and culture by, for example, identifying messaging conventions, white space for a brand to position itself within, and current cultural trends and forces to be leveraged in brand communications.

This summer, the world’s only marketing semiotics conference is touching down in North America for the first time.  From July 19th to July 22nd, a rich schedule including 2 hands-on workshops, over 30 talks, 4 keynote speeches, and a client panel unfurls at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel. Throughout, professionals, clients and academics will find new ways of understanding our world with semiotics.

Not yet a seasoned semiotician? Not to worry! Semiofest is the perfect place to get exposed to semiotics with discussions that will satisfy everyone’s interests—from the semiotics of Trump to memes and Instagram; from consumer interactions between brand and beauty products, to the future of coffee machines. You will also find critical guidance from semiotics practitioners and researchers who are always willing to help anyone eager to join the field.

We hope APG Canada members will join us at this year’s celebration! Register for Semiofest 2017 today (with the discount code “apgcanada”) and see how semiotics can help you see the big picture, better:


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