Hi, I’m Nikita Dighe, an Account Planning Strategist at Mediacom.

What first attracted you to Planning?

Applying my inherent curiosity about human behaviour, popular culture and a love of brands to help solve business problems

What Planning term/phrase is most over-used and misunderstood in your opinion?

Insight – if you’re not saying anything in a meaningful or uniquely reframed way, you’re not really saying anything at all.

What’s been the Planning moment you’re most proud about?

I feel the best is yet to come but I take immense pleasure every time I have someone say to me ‘I never thought about it like that’ – especially when it’s a client. As Planners I think one of our best strengths is offering perspective.

What advice do you have for people wanting to become a Planner

Hustle. It’s a difficult discipline to get into so act like you mean it- get your foot in doors, drink lots of coffee with people and ask a ton of questions and get good at articulating your own POVs on everything.


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