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Hey, I’m Andrew Carty. Co-founder/Partner, Strategy, send+receive. send+receive is the agency I started with two incredible creative guys; JP Gravina and Simon Craig. We started it in part because we were sick of the big agency nonsense, and part because we know there is a better way to do it. Agency structures, the way they operate and think, are from the 80s and 90s. And it’s just baked into them. We wanted to start a shop where we could mold to the new realities of the economy and today’s communication culture. Our agency planning group right now is small. Just me.

What first attracted you to Planning?

I think it really stems out of my minor (my major was advertising) in sociology. I love thinking about the way people behave and why they do. The ability to make millions of people change the way they think about something is a very compelling thing.

What Planning term/phrase is most over-used and misunderstood in your opinion?

Insight. It certainly is overused. It’s misunderstood because people miss the “intuitive understanding” part. You can’t just research your way to an insight. You have to understand people in order to apply it to make something new.

What’s been the Planning moment you’re most proud about?

Working with the team at Grey on Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America comes to mind. Great clients with a great mission, who are brave as hell. It’s one thing to consider yourself brave as a marketer; it’s a whole other thing when you’re getting death threats for the work.

What advice do you have for people wanting to become a Planner? 

Just get out and talk to planners. And don’t email them. Call them. People are always willing to grab a coffee and getting in front of people can’t hurt. The other thing is that the brand you’re working on is your brand, create a vision that gets your exited, because it will get clients excited, and ultimately I think it will get consumers excited.

Which part of Planning do you wish we did more of here in Canada – and why?

I think we could get better at research. Doing innovative, interesting research in order to get different data than what everyone else gets needs to happen more. Too much research I see on brands has the exact same data that other brands have. It makes it hard to do new and different things when everyone has the same data.

How do you explain Planning – and what you do – to new clients or to your parents?

I think planning’s job is to invent the story to tell. Now, how to tell it? That’s the hard part, that’s what the creative people have to do.

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