festival-1043512_1920As cultural experts, Planners and Strategists are required to better understand people to help to get to more relevant, effective creative work. As part of this, ‘mainstream’ and ‘fringe’ can be commonly used terms to describe cultural groups. As technology evolves, have these terms become outmoded? Have the lines blurred? We can micro-target ads now. Should we?

Join us for a fun-filled and intellectually challenging debate.

On January 17th 2017, four speakers with insightful opinions will help you reconsider the impact of the fringe:

 Michael Barry Jr., former professional cyclist and Owner Mariposa Cycles, a high-end bespoke bicycle manufacturer, believes that mass production is outmoded and that high level customization for everyone is critical to satisfaction and experience.

mattlpicMatthew Lawrence, Director, the Sound. Matthew brings extensive expertise and cultural perspective in providing brilliant strategic direction for brands the world-over, having worked across wide-ranging categories, targets, and markets over the past 15 years.


Adam Green, Creative Agency Lead at Google will share his insight from nearly 7 years at Google working alongside agency practitioners to build online experiences that are today capable of micro-targeting.


  Matt Foulk, VP Group Planning Director at Leo Burnett, who’ll be moderating the discussion, believes that the fringe is not a new phenomenon and it’s more important to challenge labels and stereotypes than ever before.


It’s going to be a thought-provoking evening, filled with ideas to help you to develop more effective communications by reconsidering ‘fringe’ vs. ‘mainstream’.

Join us –
Date: Tuesday, January 17th, 6:00PM
Location: Google, 111 Richmond St W #12, Toronto
Ticket Price: $45 for non-members. (If you were a member you could have gotten tix for as little as $30! Sign up here.)

Buy your tickets for a fabulous evening here

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