Brand mandatories are often those things that fall at the very bottom of our creative briefs. We fill them in when all the hard work on the target audience and proposition has already been done. Often with very little thought. As a result, we become guilty of treating that which makes our brands distinct like an obligation rather than an asset.

As it turns out and based on loads of data, this is entirely the wrong approach because it’s precisely these mental cues that make consumers remember us and in turn buy us. In brand management terms, these are our brand equities.

Brands like Coca-Cola, Oreo and Guinness have succeeded in finding ways to transform these so called mandatories from creative handcuff to creative fodder with advertising that champions their iconic packaging, unique rituals and celebrated product experiences.

Perhaps the real opportunity is to challenge ourselves to turn something the client has told us we must include into something we’d be crazy not to.

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