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Screw Millenials, onto Gen Z: How to Avoid Generational Targeting Pitfalls

May 2016

Over the last few years, marketing has shifted a great deal of focus towards Millennials. But we’ve seen this before – with Gen X, and before that, Baby Boomers. In fact, media has already begun to sound the alarm bell: It’s time to move onto Gen Z. As the spotlight continues to shift from one generation to the next, we have to ask ourselves: Are we continuing to lean on outdated targeting methods designed for a more traditional media-driven world? Is it a mistake to assume that a group of people spanning a decade or more are really all that similar? Are there more effective ways to target audiences that are more relevant for today’s fragmented communications world?

Last Days of Summer Party

Sept 2016

Come out to our Last Days of Summer Party for some good beer and good company.

When does Fempowerment become Wallpaper?

Nov 2016

In the last few years we have been witness to campaign after campaign celebrating female empowerment. So much so there is now even a Cannes Lion that specifically honours this type of work. While latching onto a cultural truth is often a good move for a brand, at what point does it become stale? How can brands identify with these trends in a way that is authentic and unique? And does this even matter? Hear from planners behind famous fempowerment campaigns Like a Girl, etc.

Brand Building in an Agile World

Feb 2017

These days speed seems to rule our lives and yet the method most agencies still employ involves investing weeks, even months, to create a single campaign. All this when the world is becoming much more fluid and dynamic as consumers engage in and with micro-moments, small ideas, spontaneous triggers. How can we alter our approach so its more responsive? How can we adapt and evolve our strategies so we pick up on momentum?

Life on the Fringe: How the fringes of culture are shaping mass behavior

Apr 2017

Mom, Dad, and 2.5 kids is increasingly an outdated concept. As solo dwellers, couples without kids, same sex partners, multi-generational families, etc become the new normal, we will explore what implications this has for us as marketers. Are outliers making the fringe less fringe?

Why the Creative Brief Needs More Creativity

Jun 2017

The basic components of the creative brief – target audience, single minded proposition, support points, etc have remained unchanged in the industry for many, many years. And this is despite more contemporary approaches and discourse on behavioral change, the introduction of new channels and ways of engaging with consumers, and a number of studies which have proven the importance of emotional connection over rational persuasion. Isn’t it time the creative brief became a bit more creative? Hear from leading planning practitioners in the industry as they share their point of view.

Last Days of Summer Party

Sept 2017

Come out to our Last Days of Summer Party for some good beer and good company.

Can’t we all just get along? How to foster more collaboration between Planners and Creatives.

Nov 2017

At times the relationship between Planning and Creative has been strained. Planners have been faulted for uncovering uninspiring insights and Creatives have been guilty of devising concepts which are off-strategy. Find out how to achieve a better partnership between Planning and Creative and learn how this can lead to better outcomes.

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