They say the best Creatives are natural planners. They intuitively understand consumer behavior and motivations. They are tapped into culture, trends and brands.

To the same extent, I think the best planners are creative. They find innovative ways to conduct research. They reframe categories and present insights in fresh and new ways.

Creativity is about making connections between seemingly disparate things. It’s about combining and re-combining things in different ways. This can be messy, disorderly, even chaotic. But from this chaos can come breakthrough ideas.

In fact, Steven Berlin Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From says that, “The more disorganized your brain, the smarter you are.” It’s when random thoughts jostle and bounce off each other that the best ideas are arrived at.

Your brain needs fodder to make these unpredictable collisions. And I’ve found that you can get these small sparks of inspiration on your morning commute simply by listening to a podcast or two. You’ll learn about all sorts of fascinating things from the amazing Power of Poop to What It’s Like to Run a Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Life as a Lady Trucker.

These little kernels of knowledge make your mind active rather than passive.   They open you up to new worlds and possibilities, make you more observant, and prepare your brain for better learning. All things that will help you write more inspiring briefs, position brands in more interesting ways, and empathize with consumers more wholeheartedly.

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