State of Canadian Planning report is now available

It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce the 2015 State of Canadian Planning Report is now available. Check it below!

So what’s in the Report?
The report contains a number of juicy tidbits:

  • What do clients wish planners would stop doing?
  • How important are trends like Big Data and Millennials?
  • Who in the industry rates planners the highest – and who rates them the lowest?

The Report is a great read and here at the Account Planning Group of Canada it has certainly given us a lot to think about as we continue to build our great community.

We hope you enjoy the Report. Better yet, we hope it makes you think about your perspectives on planning and how it could be made better.

We’d love your thoughts. Send us your comments on Twitter with the hashtag #2015Survey.
We look forward to chatting.

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