From the very first handshake, whether you like it or not, you’re sending a signal.  We all are.  That’s because our primitive brain, the one that decodes all non-verbal communication, is the one that’s really in charge.

Over 100 planners, account folks, creative, researchers and clients gathered at Cossette last night for our spring event, “When Words Fail:  Decoding Non-Verbal Communication.”

We heard from Randy Carter, Superintendent, Unit Commander at the Toronto Police Service and Mark Bowden, human behavior expert and past TEDx Toronto speaker who told us that data – how we smile, how we make eye contact, where we look, how we use our hands – is all information that we unconsciously consume.  And it in turn immediately determines whether we trust someone or not, whether we like them or not.

This is a valuable and often ignored skill that we, as communication experts, could be doing a much better job of leveraging. Whether in boardrooms with clients or in living rooms with consumers.  Understanding, and being able to decipher this wealth of non-verbal communication, could make a massive difference to winning that new business pitch, getting that killer insight, selling that award-winning creative…or just being the most popular Planner on the creative floor.

Don’t underestimate what you’re communicating when you’re not speaking.

Missed the Event? You can view it here on YouTube.


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