Unknown2014 was a really good year for the APG Canada. Not only did we build on the excellent foundations laid down in 2013, we started to give the organization a real presence in the market. We did this in a number of ways.

The first was by expanding the board to make it even more representative of the very best in Canandian planning: this year we welcomed Hilton Barbour, Zeb Barrett, Ed Caffyn, Dino Demopoulos, Adrianne Gaffney, Brent Nelsen, Jack Perone, Andrea Sampson and Shari Walczak in Toronto alongside Jack Dayan, John Hall and Ute Preusse in Vancouver. All formidable presences with masses of strategy experience but more importantly, all great people willing to give up their time and energy to make the case for planning here in Canada.

The second was by holding two more hugely successful events. The first, Changing Gender Roles, was held at BBDO on May 29th; the second, Is Research Castrating Great Work?, was held at the Spoke Club on September 29th. Both were sold out but the turnout for the Spoke evening was particularly pleasing, as we sold 200 tickets, which meant that it must have been the biggest gathering of planners ever in Canada. Real traction indeed and an indication of the level of interest there is in what we all do.

The third was that, as we grew, we had to become better organized, with a structure more reflective of our aspirations. So we established teams for communications, events, finance and training; we registered as an official non-profit organization; we even opened a bank account. All of this means that as we enter 2015 we are in really good shape to keep up the pace we have set so far in our aim to become the true voice of planning in Canada.

And 2015 is looking very promising, with some exciting initiatives. The first is the opportunity for you to become an individual member of the APGC, with some cool benefits that will be revealed early in the New Year – do keep an eye out for details. And there will of course be more great standalone events, as well as the first-ever staging of the famous annual event Planningness outside the US, here in Toronto in May. We are also aiming to launch a training initiative later in the year. All in all lots to look forward to in the New Year!

Thanks for your continued interest in – and support of – the Account Planning Group of Canada and, on behalf of the whole team, I wish you a truly happy holidays. See you next year!

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