Hey Budding Planners
We got 2 pairs of tickets to give away for the December 3rd ICA “Brand Transformation” Presentation here in Toronto. It promises to be a great evening with US agency Zeus Jones leading the discussion.

OMG…How do I get those tickets?
Well, send us 500-700 words on “Planning is the greatest thing since….” and we’ll randomly be drawing 2 submissions to win the 2 pairs of tickets.

Even better, if we like your artful and strategic entry, we’ll feature it on the APG Canada website so hundreds (even thousands) of your peers can fawn over your brilliance. That might even include your boss…. How many Happy Dances is THAT worth??

So Free Stuff…and A Moment in the Spotlight?? What Do I do??

Pretty much. We can’t guarantee David Droga’s gonna call but we can promise your peers will be doubly pissed.

Here’s what you do.
  1. Send 500-700 words in a Word doc (we’re old-school)
  2. Make sure you include your Twitter handle in the submission
  3. Send it to…wait for it…
  4. Send positive vibes toward the APGCanada Board Members
  5. Consider who you will take on December 3rd

DEADLINE: Midnight Friday November 28th

That’s it? That’s all?
Yeah. 500-700 words of your brain, brilliance or BS…to

Get on it!!

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