We are thrilled to announce that our sold-out event Curiosity – Why it Matters will be live streamed tonight, thanks to a partnership with FocusVision!


It’s a great opportunity for everyone who couldn’t buy a ticket, or are out of town, to get in touch with the amazing content being shared by Karen Ward, Bob Hambly, Dr. Mandy Wintink, Andrea Sampson and Mark Tomblin!


Tonight, at 6:30pm EST.
Grab your popcorn and be ready for some online fun!


Steps for logging in (please read all 4 steps before clicking link)

1.    Please test your computers compatibility in advance of the meetinghttp://focusvision1.adobeconnect.com/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm


2.    Join the live web-conference: http://focusvision1.adobeconnect.com/fv04189e9e-824e-45f3-849e-8057f786b748


3.    Enter room as guest using your first name and last initial only (See example below)



4.    Please note that the audio will come through your computer speakers, so please ensure that your speakers are not muted.



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