“Are there any differences between agencies?”

This is the question Gareth Kay threw to a panel composed by professionals from McDonalds, ING Bank, Boston Pizza, Kobo and Coca-Cola. The unanimous (and somewhat startling) answer was “NO” to what they added “It’s all about the people”.

For an industry that is so driven by relationships, we should be paying more attention to what the clients are saying and investing on training. But that’s not the case. According to a research (also mentioned by Gareth) advertising agencies invest less in training their talents than Starbucks in training its baristas.

The result is a lack of professional development and, as a consequence, problems with retention. And the industry that once was the Holy Grail for the cutting edge talents and the creative minds is now just a far second or third option, behind giants as Apple, Google and other tech-related companies.

Why should we bother?

Well, if our clients consider the differences between structures and positioning within competing agencies too subtle to be noticed, and are taking their wallets to where the best talent is, it won’t take them long to realize that, maybe, the most innovative solutions might be flourishing somewhere else.

We have to do something, and there’s no better time to start doing it than now!

tumblr_lctcoiQwou1qzbytdo1_1280Cartoon from the Awesome World of Advertising tumblr.

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