Taglines BookToday we received the below message from Heather LeFevre (you know the Annual Planner Survey, right?). As a group who has diversity as one of it main pillars, we had to share it with all our readers.

I rarely send you messages
But this is really important

We all know from The Planner Survey just how limited the racial diversity is in our industry. It is nowhere near representative.

But what can we planners do about it? Well, be catalysts in our hiring for one. But we can also show our solidarity when someone is brave enough to cast some light on the issue. I’ve just discovered a project that aims to highlight the diverse perspectives of our US colleagues. There’s a Kickstarter here that is raising money to tell their stories.

If you didn’t know, diversity is actually good for the bottom line. Here’s some proof from IBM as well as a study on gender diversity on boards of directors.

I hope you’ll at least consider joining me in supporting this initiative. And perhaps it will spark other ideas to keep up the momentum.

Now, back to work!

The TAGLINES book is an initiative from AdColor, a nonprofit organization that aims to inspire the next generation of diverse professionals by highlighting the achievements of African-American, American Indian/Native American, Asian Pacific-American, Hispanic/Latino, LGBT and other diverse professionals, students, and diversity and inclusion champions.

We’re already backing this project. Join us on making that happen!

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